Barrel Oil Corp (Barrel Oil) is committed to a strong Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE MS) that protects its workers, Prime Contractors, supervisors, contractors, suppliers, self‐employed persons, temporary staffing agencies, visitors and the public (our stakeholders), the natural environment and its property from incidents. Barrel Oil is also committed to conducting all of our activities in a proactive manner, consistent with requirements that govern our industry.

In fulfilling this commitment, Barrel Oil will:

  • Comply with all applicable health and safety legislation related to our business activities and strive to exceed those requirements where a reasonable opportunity to provide a higher standard of HSE management exists.
  • Strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards, ensure no harm to our personnel or the public, and consider the actions we take to prevent property damage, incidents, or personal injury or illnesses.
  • Maintain and continuously improve our health and safety commitments through setting targets, completing regular inspections and audits, and reviewing and reporting our results.
  • Provide resources, training and technology to meet our health and safety objectives.
  • Ensure Barrel Oil’s management and supervisors comply with health and safety requirements as they relate to the planning, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  • Ensure all personnel perform their jobs properly in accordance with established policies, standards, codes of practice, safe work practices, and safe operating procedures.
  • Establish maximum cooperation based on a strong sense of personal responsibility.

Barrel Oil firmly believes that in order for us to be successful health and safety initiatives must be implemented and continually improved upon. This system must be owned by all stakeholders. Barrel Oil will always strive for safe, well‐executed, on‐time, on‐budget, profitable operations that project confidence within the company, our stakeholders, and the public.

In order to keep this Policy current, it will be reviewed annually.

Josh GrobermanCEO
Bill AndrewChairman