Barrel Oil Corp (Barrel Oil) believes that in order to provide a safe workplace for all workers, prime contractors, supervisors, contractors, suppliers, self‐employed persons, temporary staffing agencies, visitors and the public (our stakeholders), and ensure that all personnel are treated fairly and with respect, all personnel must be fit for duty at all times while working for Barrel Oil. Fit‐for‐duty refers to a state, whether physical, mental or emotional which enables an individual to safely perform an assigned task.

As such, Barrel Oil commits to:

  • Providing a safe workplace.
  • Providing programs that emphasize awareness, education and training with respect to the use of alcohol and drugs (prescription, non‐prescription, and illicit), fatigue management and overall fitness for duty.
  • Ensuring that this Policy and associated Standards support other performance management systems.
  • Ensuring that effective assistance services are available, where appropriate.
  • Assisting personnel in obtaining confidential assessment, counselling, referral and treatment where necessary.
  • Actively supporting and encouraging treatment programs and re‐employment opportunities where applicable.
  • Providing supervisory training and awareness in dealing with the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace, fatigue management and overall fitness for duty.
  • Ensuring that all personnel understand the existence and content of this Policy and associated Standards as a part of the Barrel Oil HSE Orientation.
  • Ensuring that any alcohol and drug testing conducted is performed according to the applicable standards.
  • Identifying safety sensitive positions within the organization and educate those personnel as to the requirements as set out in this Policy and associated Standards.

By developing this Policy, Barrel Oil promotes the safety, dignity and welfare of our stakeholders and their families, protection of the environment, and the best interests of Barrel Oil, our industry and the public.

In order to keep this Policy current, it will be reviewed annually.

Josh GrobermanPresident
Bill AndrewChairman